Work Modifications

So after my most recent wicked migraine attacks, I realized I needed to make some modifications to my work space. I’m very sensitive to light and noise when having an attack and I also almost always experience an aura that occurs prior to the migraine: blurry vision, dizziness, confusion. You get the jist.

I work as an executive assistant for two executives. Love love my job but unfortunately I work under some brutal fluorescent lighting. I tried wearing a visor but that didn’t really work so I ended up wearing my polarized Ray Ban sunglasses with a scarf to block the lighting from the top (see picture! And you can even see how bright the office is!). I’ve also turned down my monitor brightness and I’ve started wearing my glasses more than my contacts.


However, our company’s lawyer advised me that I may offend others with my getup and I definitely do not want to do that by any means. I just want to get rid of all the lighting!!! Give me a dark room ASAP!!

So after some pleading, I was able to get some of the fluorescent bulbs turned off above my desk. However that is not a permanent fix and I’m looking for more realistic modifications.

I’ll take your suggestions and tips! Comment below!

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